Big five birds in Uganda

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Status: Secretive therefore sought by opportunistic birder lovers
Habitat: Live on permanent rivers, streams and pools with over hanging vegetation
Description: Largest among the Fin foot species, similar to cormorants, males are dark backed spotted white with a long bill and dark chin while female have grey heads with a white stripe running from behind the eye down the side of the neck and have a white chin Swims low, moving head back and forth and May partially submerge and slip into dense covers if detected
Diet: Eat mostly invertebrates that include larva’s and adults of snails, frogs, beetles, fish, amphibians, seeds and leaves
Breeding: Fin foots are monogamous and normally breed between August to April, The male will always acquire a breeding plumage, the clutch consists 1-2 eggs which are incubated by the female for about three weeks