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Uganda is a party to several conservation parties:- biodiversity endangered species, Climate changes, Desertification, Hazardous waste, Law of the sea, Nuclear test ban, Marine life, Ozone layer Protection and wetlands.

Uganda government is environmentally sensitive and has statute that govern Wildlife and environment, all water bodies, Mountains, Wetland, National parks, Forest, Game reserves& swamps all belong to the government. Administratively there is an environment officer on every district level who watches activities in these areas. Therefore its illegal for anyone to carry out any activity in these areas without approval of government. Great efforts have been done through community conservation and local communities are increasingly getting aware  about the needs to conserve the environment

Conservation Challenges/Threats in Uganda

Despite the presence of the law, administration, monitoring& community conservation, government still faces some challenges 

*Increasing  population

*Deforestation (Cutting down trees for charcoal, firewood& timber)

*Draining of wetlands(for Agriculture use & industry construction)

*Over grazing

*Soil erosion

*Water hyacinth infestation in Lake Victoria

*Wild spread of poaching

The above threats have led to habitat loss causing species to get vulnerable and common one getting scarce.