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Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon National park is a massive solitary volcano mountain, home to 296 bird species like Jackson’s francolin & moustached green tinkerbird,an important water catchments area on the border of Eastern Uganda and Western Kenya covering an area of 1145km.
Mountain Elgon supports a variety of wildlife like Elephants, Buffalo, leopards, bushbuck, spotted hyena, black and white colubus, blue monkey & Brazz’monkey. etc.
Mt Elgon National park has four Mountain Climbing trail heads or accessible routes (Sasa, Sipi, Piswa & Saum trails) to the peaks and doesn’t require any climbing skills or specialized equipment.
Sasa Trail (4days) this route starts from Budadiri and is the closest to Mbale town & most accessible. Has the most direct route to Wagagi peak. However has a stiff climb of over 1600M on the first day, crosses the biggest bamboo area and passes the Jackson‘s pool.
Sipi Trail(7 days) Route starts at Kapkwai(Forest Exploration Centre)A few Kilometres upstream of Sipi Falls(Out side the park) On this trail you can visit the Tatum cave.
Piswa Trail (7 days) Route starts at Kapkwata 30km beyond Kapchowra town and is a longer trail which starts at a higher altitude and then follows a gradual route to the peak
Suam Trail This route starts at Suam village (On the Kenya border).It follows the Saum River through the steep and spectacular Suam Gorge to the hot springs. This route is long and little used.

Tourist Activities

Bird watching, Sipi waterfalls, Cave exploration, cliffs, gorges, primate walk