Queen Elizabeth Park

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Queen Elizabeth Park

Uganda's second biggest Park (1978sq km) world biosphere reserve (UNESCO 1979) & classified as Important bird Area that includes a RAMSAR wetland site.

The park has 600 of Uganda’s 1060 species of birds (over a quarter of African bird species) more than any other Park in Africa. Out of the 600species 114 are Palaearctic’s therefore makes it the best site to see Wintering Palaearctic migrants
Why Queen Elizabeth Park has more bird species
a)Location:- situated across the equator in the Abertine rift valley and being in the North-south fly way for passage migrants
b)Variety of habitats :- vast savannah,woodlands, swamps,riverine forests
c)Plenty of food
Species of interest:-African skimmers, Lesser flamingos, Great white pelican, Lappet faced vulture, martial eagle ,Black bee eaters etc