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Semuliki National Park

Semuliki National park is located in Bundibugyo district and lies in the Albertine Rift Valley, North West of the Rwenzoris and borders the DRC. The park is 52km from Fort portal and 374km from Kampala and can be reached by road and charter flights. The forest park is an extension of the Ituri forest of the North-Eastern DRC. First gazetted in 1932 as a forest reserve and later in 1993 was up-graded to the status of National park covering 220 square kilometer surrounded by four ethnic groups which include the Bamba, Bakonjo, Batuku and Batwa (pygmies) from Ituri

The park flora and fauna have strong relationships with those of the Congo basin forests. The forest park is well known for its bird population with a recorded number of 441 species which represent 40% of Uganda‘s total of 1060 species. Of these 216 are forest species, representing 66% of the country’s forest bird list and this makes it a birder’s destination for rare & endemic species
The park host eight species of primates and over 60 mammals’ species and these include leopards, pygmy Hippo, forest buffaloes, mona monkeys &Elephants

Semuliki birds species:-Congo serpent Eagle, Spotted Ibis, Long tailed hawk, African piculet,Red eyed puff back, Forest ground Thrush, Pale fronted Negro finch, Grant's bluebill, Grey ground thrush, Gabon woodpecker, Black winged oriole, Yellow throated nicator, Wattled black hornbill, Red billed dwarf hornbill, Beareded Greenbul etc